MARCH 4TH 2021

New tray fulfills profound consumer demand

Climate-friendly tray from Sealpac
A large majority of consumers have a profound desire to cut down on the consumption of plastic for reasons of climate, environment and sustainability. This is concluded in an analysis from Danish Agriculture & Food Council. Nemco is ready to meet the extensive consumer demand for smaller plastic with eTray from Sealpac, a tray that is not only climate-friendly but also meets food producers' requirements for quality and safety.

- eTray is a significant input in the sustainability trend, which will make its mark on the entire food industry in the coming years. It is good for packaging food, especially meat proteins. The plastic consumption for the tray is 60% less than for most conventional plastic trays, says CEO Lars Olsgaard from Nemco.

Sustainable food and beverage purchases
Consumers' interest in plastic-reducing sustainable solutions is one of the prevailing results of an analysis from Agriculture & Food, which has examined people's views on climate and sustainability. 95% have either changed their behavior or are willing to change their behavior for reasons of climate, environment and sustainability. 66% think about 'sustainability' to 'some' or a 'high' degree when shopping for food and drink. And 74% believe that it will be of great importance for climate, environment and sustainability if we buy goods with no or minimal packaging. Different ways to use less plastic come in first, fourth and fifth place respectively, among a total of 35 climate-friendly actions that respondents have been asked to rank.

eTray is not only Sealpac's response to the desire for less plastic consumption. Also, the disposal of the used tray is climate-friendly. The tray is prefabricated using thermoforming, where a thin inner tray of plastic is assembled with an outer tray of cardboard. The inner tray of plastic only acts as a barrier and seal.

- When the tray is emptied, it is easy to separate cardboard and plastic so that consumers can dispose of the tray in a sustainable way, e.g. with a view to recycling, says Lars Olsgaard.

Unique communication interface
The big plus of eTray, however, is the opportunities to communicate with consumers via the tray itself, says Lars Olsgaard.

- Both on the inside and outside of the outer cardboard tray, text, photos and other illustrations can be printed in really high quality. As a food producer, you thus get a communication surface for branding the product and the values ​​that characterise it. In this way, eTray is a unique solution for those consumers who want an experience that goes beyond the food itself, says Lars Olsgaard and adds:

- If you take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with consumers via the tray, the product is raised on quality and price, as the consumer all in all have a better dining experience.

eTray is equipped with an unbroken sealing edge and can be hermetically sealed by MAP on all Sealpac's A-series traysealers. eTray is as safe and durable as conventional plastic trays. Sealpac states that eTray is suitable for meat, but can also be used for fish, poultry, plant-based foods and convenience products.


1 April 2023

Change of name

German Vemag Anlagenbau becomes Vetec Anlagenbau

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4 to 10 May 2022

Interpack 2023

If you are planning to attend Interpack 2023, you can book your ticket with Nemco. You can meet all our specialists every day.

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Meet Mikko

Give a big welcome to Mikko

We are happy to welcome Mikko Niittymäki to Nemco, where he has taken on the new role as sales trainee in Finland.

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Slicing & Packaging Days 2023
22th to 24th March 2023

Slicing & Packaging Days 2023

Join us at NEMCO SLICING & PACKAGING DAYS 2023 to discover the latest technology in meat, fish and poultry slicing from Grasselli and Borncut.

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2. JANUARY 2023

New CCO at Nemco with more than 30 years of industry experience

Thomas Holm, CCO at Nemco

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February 2023


Portion Cutter OSL + Horizontal Slicer KSL DV

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Singer & Sohn GmbH

Nemco joins Nordic cooperation.

Nemco joins Nordic cooperation with German Singer & Sohn GmbH.

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FoodTech 2022

Nemco exhibits at FoodTech in Herning from 1-3 November 2022

Meet Nemco at FoodTech 2022 - Northern Europe's largest trade fair for food technology

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CHARK-SM 26 & 27 OKTOBER 2022

Chark-SM in Gothenburg

Meet Nemco at the Chark-SM in Gothenburg on 26 and 27 October 2022

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Tampere, Finland 14 - 15 September 2022

FOOD AND DRINK Trade Fair, Finland - September 2022

Come and join the Food & Drink Trade Fair in Tampere - Meet us at booth C 641 where we will show solutions from Vemag, Bettcher, Henneken and scansteel

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See you in October?

Are you coming to ScanPack in October?

Nemco will be a partner and exhibitor when ScanPack opens the doors for this year's event in Göteborg on 4 October 2022.

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14 to 19 May 2022

IFFA Trade Fair 2022

If you are planning to attend IFFA 2022, you can book your ticket with Nemco. You can meet all our specialists every day.

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26th to 29th of April 2022

Anuga FoodTec 2022

Nemco will be there, when this years' Anuga FoodTec open its doors from the 26th to the 29th of April 2022 in Cologne, Germany.

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November 2nd 2021

Nemco Inspiration Days 2021

Experience innovative packaging solutions and the latest technology in solid weight slicing!

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AUGUST 20TH 2021

New project manager at Nemco AB

Sandra Gabriel has just started as Product Manager at Nemco, which is a Nordic supplier of equipment for the food industry made by leading international manufacturers.

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MAY 28th 2021


We thank Himmerlandskød for the trust and look forward to unveiling the future of user-friendly and environmentally friendly packaging solutions, which are developed in collaboration with Vemag and Sealpac.

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APRIL 16th 2021

Colleague for Service Business Intelligence

We are currently looking for a colleague for Business Intelligence in the service department, who services Nemco's customers in the food industry in the Nordic region with spare parts, maintenance and technical service.

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APRIL 13TH 2021

Service Technicians for Denmark and the Nordic countries

If you want to be part of the Nordic region's strongest service team, which consists of specially trained technicians in the food industry, we have the job for you!

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APRIL 8TH 2021

Bettcher ACS breading machine - test it in your own production

You now have the opportunity to test a Bettcher ACS in your own production. It only requires you to make an appointment.

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MARCH 4TH 2021

New tray fulfills profound consumer demand

Climate-friendly packaging is a sought-after product and a new tray with 60% less plastic from Sealpac meets a large consumer demand.

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