Traysealing deals with sealing of tray packaging, where the choice of both the top foil and the tray are important for the process. On this page, we have some concrete solutions for the choice of foil and the latest sustainable trays.

Nemco also sells machines for sealing the packaging you see on this page - to see more, you can visit our inspiration page "Traysealers".

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Lidding films

Lidding films for trays

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Our wide selection of quality lidding films ensures product safety and freshness of the packaged foods. We offer mono materials in either PET, PP or PE. In addition to this, we offer ultra-thin lidding films, for high-speed production, which provides a resource-efficient production. In addition, all lidding films are offered with properties such as anti-dew, peel and high barrier.


  • 100% product safety

  • Fantastic barrier properties

  • Thin, flexible and strong film that ensures the best result

  • 20% plastic reduction (compared to standard solutions)


Plastic reduced tray

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eTray® is the innovative plastic-reduced MAP tray for the food industry. The plastic reduction - depending on the conventional tray used - is over 50% by fully recycling its components!


  • Available in mono materials - either as PP + cardboard or PET + cardboard

  • Easy separation for recycling

  • The design of the tray assures compatibility with existing packaging machines

  • Print on both the inside and the outside of the tray is possible, for better branding purposes


Sustainable tray solution

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The cardboard tray from Jospak® is a sustainable packaging solution for the food industry, with its minimal use of plastic, compared to the conventional tray packagings. Cardboard and plastic can be easily separated, and both materials can be recycled. It can replace PET and PP trays, and reduce plastic use up to 85%.


  • Available in several sizes

  • Reduction of plastic up to 85%

  • FSC-certified cardboard

  • Easy separation of plastic and cardboard for recycling


2-in-1 packaging

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SEALPAC DUO is made for convenience, with its 2 trays combined in one packaging solution. It's especially suitable for salads with garnish, or soups with added pieces that needs to be kept separate until consumption. The two 'trays' are traysealed to each other, and looks good on the shelf.


  • Two trays, of different formats, are sealed together in the same process

  • The packages can be sealed in parallel or coherently

  • Can handle multi-component products

  • Ensures maximum flexibility of the packaging line's functionality

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