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Nemco Headquaters:

Industrivej 16-18, 8260 Viby J., Denmark

Lyngager 13, 2605 Brøndby, Denmark

Emergency number: +45 7070 7815

Do you need help outside
standard working hours, you
can contact us on our hotline.

Phone: +45 7070 7815

We're here to help

If you need any information, you can either call our main number or contact one of our employees below.

Have a talk with our project department about potential solutions!

Anders Nielsen

Project Manager

Per Mulbjerg

Project Manager

Contact IT & Marketing if you have questions.

Tanja Luplau

Marketing Manager

Marianne Duchwaider

IT & Business Development Manager
Email: Phone: +45 2466 0642

If you have questions about the finances, you are welcome to contact our finance department.

Annette Andersen

Accounting Assistant

Pia Britt Gerstrøm

Accounting Assistant

Pia Moestrup

Accounting Assistant

If you would like to speak to our management, then contact:

Thomas Holm

Email: Phone: +45 20181676

Claus Skræm

Technical & Service Manager

Lars Olsgaard

Email: Phone: +45 4032 7582

Svend Åge Lundgaard