Meal box supplier will change the world - Nemco helps

Simple Feast, one of the Nordic food industry's new and emerging players, is not content with getting a good business out of offering tasty products. At Simple Feast, they, in own words, "work very hard to create the most sustainable meal solution in the world". Nothing less.

Simple Feast offers consumers in Denmark and Sweden meal boxes with plant-based dinner dishes, and after a capital injection of DKK 225 million in the fall of 2019, the company is now well into the process of penetrating the US market, initially in California.

One of the partners helping Simple Feast meet the ambitious goal of making the world more sustainable is Nemco. Simple Feast uses Sealpac A5 traysealers from Nemco to close their cellulose trays by welding top films on the trays. Finding the right supplier has not been easy for Simple Feast, as the company sets high requirements and does not compromise.

- All packaging materials must be as sustainable as possible and do not contain fossil plastics, for example, says production manager Simon Stenhøj, responsible for quality and food safety at Simple Feast.

The answers did not exist at first

According to Simon Stenhøj, Simple Feast, in their search for suppliers, has met many closed doors.

- Because we are so uncompromising, there is a huge difference between the traditional companies in the food industry and us. We have heard many suppliers say "that cannot be done", when we have expressed our wishes. However, we have not experienced this attitude from Nemco. Nemco has gone to the task with enthusiasm and found a solution that meets our ambitions. They have helped finding some answers that were not immediately apparent. In addition, they have contributed to the best of their ability with sparring and advice, says Simon Stenhøj.

Simple Feast got the Sealpac A5 traysealers installed in the spring of 2019 and put them to serious use after the summer holidays. Before that, there was a run-in period where Simple Feast drew quite a lot on Nemco's service team.

- We have been able to solve many things with video calling, and when that is not enough, the Nemco people are always ready to come and help, says Simon Stenhøj.

Focus on the customer

Simple Feast was founded in 2014 by Thomas Ambus and CEO Jakob Jønck, who had previously achieved great success with the two apps Endomondo and MyFitnessPal. Simple Feast differs from many other food manufacturers by primarily focusing on customers.

- We work uniquely to help people experience success. Everything is about pleasing the consumer. We make it less complex to eat high quality, sustainable foods, and we constantly adapt our products based on the feedback we get from consumers, says Jakob Jønck.

Simple Feast avoids among other things meat, plastic and flamingo boxes, and the company uses only organic raw materials.

Currently, Simple Feast delivers in Denmark as well as in three of the largest cities in Sweden. However, their ambitions go much further.

- Our business model can work in all major cities in the western world, says Jakob Jønck.


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