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Vemag Maschinenbau

Vemag Maschinenbau

Versatile machines and an established brand

Vemag and Nemco have a long-term partnership, and the collaboration is one of the cornerstones of Nemco. A vacuum filler from Vemag can be equipped with a large number of extensions, which makes the machine a versatile companion for a large number of Scandinavian food producers.

Vemag has developed a unique machine concept for sausage production and the like with a very wide machine program, consisting of:

  • Vacuum filling machines in several variants and sizes

  • Filling machines

  • Solutions for both artificial and natural casings

  • Ham-filling machines

  • Hanging machines for sausages

  • Special filling system for trays

  • Mincing and portioning of i.a. minced meat

  • Forming machines

  • Bone separation of both meat and fish

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