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We supply all the equipment needed to make sausages. - Whether it is minced meat in casing or minced vegetable 'meat' in natural casing, on this page you can find the machine that minces the meat, fills the casing and clips the sausages for an excellent-looking product. We supply machines to the largest Danish food producers as well as to the small butcher shop on the corner.

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Vemag Robby

Compact sausage filler

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Facts about Vemag Robby

Vemag Robby is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized production, where space is a factor. The machine runs all products in a sausage factory, everything from the very cold salami to the soft wieners.

The machine is simple in its construction, whereby all users can manufacture quality products successfully. The high quality of the machine means that maintenance is minimal.


  • Robust rotary vane pump

  • Capacity up to 2,300 kg/h

  • Intuitive touch screen

  • Ideal for many product changes

Vemag HP10L + VS227 + AH 219

Vemag high capacity sausage line with hanger

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Facts about Vemag HP10L + VS227 + AH 219

If you are looking for a high capacity line for collagen-casing or peel-casing, here is the right solution. The combination of these quality machines from Vemag, maximises efficiency and reduces the cost of production. Ideal for larger productions where maximum capacity is the goal. The sausages are filled via the Vemag HP10L, after which the Vemag VS227 portions the sausages (the casing is linked) before they are finally hung on the Vemag AH219.


  • Perfect result from first to last portion

  • Quick setup

  • Minimum changeover time

Vemag Alginate Line CC215

Sausage production equipment for alginate casing

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Facts about Vemag Alginate Line CC215

Latest technological development in sausage production. Vemag has created a unique instrument where the alginate casing is extruded in a liquid state around the mince, in one and the same process.

This gives a product where you have a plant-based casing (alginate) and a mince, which is tasty without the influence of manual portioning.

Nothing beats this system in terms of profitability or cost for the casing. The system can be used by the small manufacturer as well as the very large manufacturer.


  • The world's leading alginate producer, Hirsch, is behind the development of the alginate

  • Extremely high capacity with minimal operator effort

  • Product length of 40-1400 mm

  • Diameters from 10-32 mm

Poly-clip FCA 50-160

Automatic double-clipper

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Item 1 of 10

Facts about Poly-clip FCA 50-160

The Poly-clip FCA series is characterised by maximum flexibility. High safety when using Poly-clips for closing all casing types. This machine can optionally be combined with an automatic looper and labelling system.


  • Low noise level

  • Intelligent setting of the machine from the RFID code on the clip

  • The stuffing/filling is gently displaced by an X-Y movement, after which the clip is attached to the casing

  • Can be combined with automatic looper and labelling system

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Do you need more than one machine for sausage production? At Nemco, we offer complete line solutions!

In the picture: complete line solution from Vemag Maschinenbau for sausage production.

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