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Nemco offers forming machines to the food industry's most in-demand product: the burger. Burgers, nuggets, meatballs, schnitzel, fish sticks and falafel are amongst the several types of products that can be made with our forming machines.

We present some examples of solutions below. You are always welcome to contact us for further information.

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Vemag FM250

Portioning machine for luxury burgers

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Facts about Vemag FM250

This burger machine is a patented Vemag-system, which produces luxury burgers and other types of portioned products, where you want structure.

Suits all needs
The machine is also ideal for vegetarian solutions with plant proteins. Whether you work with meat, fish, dairy or vegetarian products, this machine will fit your needs perfectly.


  • Can handle a wide range of products

  • The nozzles can be easily replaced so that several different shapes can be dosed

  • Can shape up to 300 portions per minute

  • Produces burgers with the meat fibers oriented standing across the burger, thus ensuring an optimal dining experience

Vemag BF255

Steak Hache

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Fact about Vemag VF255

Steak Hache has its origins in French gastronomy. If you want a product at the very highest level, which differs from the burger culture, here is the solution. BF255 from Vemag gives the 'Steak Hache' product an optimum dining experience.


  • Forms Steak Hache in continuous flow

  • Possibility of simple adjustment of portion size

  • Flexible set-up in connection with FM250, MMP and AML from Vemag

Vemag BC236

Accurately shaped products

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Facts about Vemag BC236 and BC237

Vemag's BC236 and BC237 are very flexible solutions when it comes to the production of meatballs, kebabs and falafel. Products with fillings, such as cheese fillings, can also be produced in these installations.

The machine is also suitable for producing sliders.


  • Easy switching between meatballs, sliders and gyros

DJM VacForm06

Compact forming machine

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Facts about DJM VacForm06

The machine from DJM is the right solution for portioned burgers. The machine is unique in its function, where the product is portioned pressureless in the form. The portion is executed by the VEMAG filling machine, and the DJM VacForm forming machine gives an optimum product. The machine can form meat, fish, vegetarian, petfood and cheese.


  • Ensures a great texture of the final product

  • High accuracy due to the patented Pressure Dividing System®

  • Minimal water consumption

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Do you need more than one forming machine? At Nemco, we offer complete line solutions!

In the picture: complete line solution from Vemag Maschinenbau for forming of meat, consisting of a Vemag HPE coupled to a Vemag FM250.

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