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At Nemco, we have a large selection of machines for the food industry. We have a solid selection of mincers for both fresh and frozen meat. Our range embraces the entire food industry, so you will always find the meat mincer that suits your business.

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Scansteel foodtech MG200

Meat grinder for fresh and frozen meat

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Facts about scansteel foodtech MG200

Scansteel foodtech A / S delivers the world's largest grinder program for chopping with high quality and high volume. The machine is designed especially for processing fresh meat and fresh meat raw materials as well as for pre-chopped / pre-crushed frozen blocks.


  • MG 200 can be manufactured in various designs

  • Hygienic design

  • Durable in its construction

Scansteel foodtech CG225

Combination meat mincer

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Facts about scansteel foodtech CG225

This extremely unique and universal chopper provides first-class chopping results that are fully comparable to, and even surpass, results from conventional choppers for fresh, tempered or deep-frozen blocks, without changing anything other than the incoming raw material, which must be coarsely or finely chopped as needed.


  • Excellent meat / fat particle definition

  • Chops with two augers with adjustable auger speeds for both feeding- and chopping screws

  • Double sanitary / cleaning area on both feeding- and chopping screws

Seydelmann K 206

High quality industrial cutter

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Facts about Seydelmann K 206

Seydelmann K 206 cuts and emulsifies the vast majority of foods in very high quality. Thanks to a knife head with 8 knives and a perfect design, a uniform particle reduction is guaranteed for an optimum product.


  • Transparent noise-absorbing lid

  • Capacity of up to 1.000 liters

  • Supersonic speed optional

  • Possibility of both cooling and heating of the product during the process

Vemag HP30E-982

Portioning installation for minced meat

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Item 1 of 8

Facts about Vemag HP30E-982

VEMAG's unique series of portioning installations is today the dominant machine in the minced meat market.

The machine is available in many sizes, from the compact VEMAG Robot 500 to the largest machine on the market: the VEMAG HP30E.


  • Unique with the double screw set as a portioning element

  • Absolutely no lubrication of the end product

  • Versatile in its use, all from 500 g minced meat to meat balls and burgers

  • Hygienic design

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Do you need more than one grinder or cutter? At Nemco, you can get complete line solutions!

In the picture: complete line solution from scansteel foodtech.

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