Himmerlandskød is a growing business.

In 2022, Himmerlandskød invested in a significant expansion and modernization – with Nemco being an important collaboration partner in this large project and the 16,000 m² facility.

A major milestone was reached in 2022 when Himmerlandskød's new and modern 16,000 m² building in its hometown of Aalestrup was completed and put into use.

The story of Himmerlandskød dates back to 1910 when Hjalmar Nielsen's slaughterhouse was founded in Aalestrup. Lars Andersen, the CEO of Himmerlandskød, was employed in 1980 and became the sole owner in 2000. Today, Lars Andersen's two children are also part of the company and its executive board.

Himmerlandskød slaughters 130,000 cattle a year and employs 180 people.

Plant Manager Klaus Vestergaard has been part of Himmerlandskød's journey since 2008, and the close collaboration between Lars Andersen and Klaus Vestergaard is evident. Their day starts at 04:31 with a phone call to discuss the day's tasks. They share the same passion for the profession and the company, emphasizing values of thrift and decency, both towards the company's employees and in collaboration with suppliers.

At Himmerlandskød, the meat is 100% Danish, and there is never a compromise on quality. Only the best meat is selected for processing, ensuring consistent quality every time. Continuous improvement efforts are made at all levels and in every step of the process.

The collaboration between Himmerlandskød and Nemco also dates back many years, with mincers from Vemag and packaging machines from Sealpac found in Himmerlandskød's production halls.

"Our collaboration with Nemco is good and based on honesty. The partnership spans many years, and we know that if challenges arise, they will always be resolved in the best possible way."

Klaus Vestergaard
Plant Manager, Himmerlandskød

There is no doubt that the pioneering spirit is deeply rooted in the company, but the decision for the significant expansion is also made to ensure the company's future and create a better working environment for employees.

The ambition is to create one of the country's most modern and sustainable facilities, and Nemco will be an important part of this facility. The choice of Nemco, along with installations from Vemag and Sealpac, is driven by a focus on new, stricter consumer demands and the opportunity to work with the latest technological developments.

With the new installations, such as Sealpac A5 traysealers, A7 traysealers and Vemag MMP line solutions for portioning, Himmerlandskød has unique opportunities to use new packaging technology, crucial for product presentation. This technology sets new standards for process safety, efficiency, and future packaging options, focusing on quality, sustainability, and reduced plastic use.

Watch here, where Klaus Vestergaard talks about Himmerlandskød, the visions, and the collaboration with Nemco: