Portioning machines

Being able to portion food is essential in order to produce a salable product. All food manufacturers need 'Portion-To-Pack' technology. Partly to be able to manufacture profitably, and partly to be able to create competitive products.

The machines below show Nemco's technology in the field. You are most welcome to contact us for further information.

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Borncut Model 300

Portion Cutter

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Facts about Borncut Model 300

With speeds of up to 2,500 cuts per minute, the Borncut Model 300 is the ultimate way to produce precise portions of fresh, fixed-weight meat. The Borncut machine optimises your yield and capacity, while easily integrating it into complex production lines. Using Open-Source-Code, Borncut can perform very complicated tasks for the individual customer - this is the crucial difference in choosing Borncut.


  • Can cut up to 2,500 portions/min.

  • Advanced 3D-scanning with up to 400 scans per second

  • Userfriendly touch screen

  • Can handle very complicated tasks for the individual customer using Open-Source-Code

PFM MBP C3 Series

Multihead weigher

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Facts about MBP C3

MBP C3 MHW is designed for high-speed. Precise weighing and more than 20 years of development, places the C3 scale as a leader in its segment. Made of 100% stainless materials.

The weigher is designed in IP69 and can therefore be washed with even the most powerful cleaning agents.


  • AISI304 construction

  • IP69

  • New generation of load cells

Leonhardt TG

Flexible dosing equipment

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Facts about Leonhardt TG

Leonhardt TG is the perfect choice for a wide range of products: fragile delicacies, dressings, soups, sauces, pickled cabbage, spinach, honey, jams and spreads, meal components with larger pieces such as stews, mashed potatoes, goulash, etc.

Ideal in commercial kitchens and industrial production
The compact and mobile equipment can be used for a wide variety of applications in commercial kitchens and industrial food production.


  • Easy to handle

  • Quick to clean

  • Can deliver 20 to 240 dosages per minute depending on the product

Vemag HPE-series

Robust vacuum portioning

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Facts about Vemag HPE-series

The most compact of the models from Vemag's HP series; however, despite its size, it does not compromise on performance. This model is especially intended for the smaller productions where space is a factor. It chops, fills and portions, which means that in many cases it has everything it takes to deliver a finished raw product.


  • Unique with the double screw set as portioning element

  • Absolutely no lubrication of the end product

  • Versatile in its usage

  • Hygienic design

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Do you need more than one portioning machine? At Nemco you can get a complete line!

In the picture: line solution from PFM consisting of multihead weigher in combination with flowpacker from the D-series.

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