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Poly-clip is the world's leading provider of clipping systems/clipped products and machines for clipping sausages of the best quality.

Poly-clip closes sausages in different types of material, such as clip-pak®, natural casing, and artificial casing, and can clip a wide range of products, from sausages to soups, marzipan, sealants and adhesives, clay, and dynamite.

We present four solutions from Poly-clip below. You are always welcome to contact us for further information.

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Poly-clip SCD 500-700

Clipping machines

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Facts about Poly-clip SCD 500-700

Poly-clips SCD-machines are ideal for manual clipping of casings. Suitable for the smaller production, where the operator needs a good and flexible machine.


  • Horizontal version available for closing bags

  • Different types of closing the clip for artificial and natural casings

  • Hygienic design, easy to clean

  • Easy to operate

Poly-clip PDC 600-800

Efficient clipping machine

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Facts about Poly-clip PDC 600-800

With a Poly-clip PDC 600, you are guaranteed that the production of sausages - separately or in chains - remains efficient. The semi-automatic double clipper is suitable for all sizes of production.


  • Hygienic design that makes it easy to clean

  • Ergonomic design

  • Adjustable product feed

  • Simple for the operator to use

Poly-clip FCA 50-160

Automatic double-clipper

  • Poly-clip FCA 50 | Automatic double-clipper | Closing/clipping sausages | Nemco
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  • Poly-clip FCA 50 | Automatic double-clipper | Closing/clipping sausages | Nemco
  • Poly-clip FCA 60 - Automatic double-clipper - Closing/clipping sausages
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Facts about Poly-clip FCA 50-160

The Poly-clip FCA series is characterised by maximum flexibility. High safety when using Poly-clips for closing all casing types. This machine can optionally be combined with an automatic looper and labeling system.


  • Low noise level

  • Intelligent setting of the machine from the RFID code on the clip

  • The stuffing/filling is gently displaced by an X-Y movement, after which the clip is attached to the casing

  • Can be combined with automatic looper and labelling system

Poly-clip TSCA 120-160

Automatic sealing and clipping machines

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Item 1 of 6

Facts about Poly-clip TSCA 120-160

Poly-clip's TSCA sealer and clipping machines process flat foil from a roll to a finished casing.

The foil
Foil types which can be sealed and mechanically resist the consecutive process can be used with Poly-clip's TSCA machines.


  • Automatic monitoring of the clips and matrix (RFID)

  • Different foils can be used (2, 3, 4 layers)

  • Automatic adjustment of clip pressure and displacer

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Do you need more than one clipping machine? We offer a complete line!

In the picture: Poly-clip clipping machine from the FCA-series combined with a vacuum filler from Vemag Maschinenbau.

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