Industrial freezers, such as spiral freezers, can be used for frozen products as well as for cooling, thereby extending the shelf life of food during production. At Nemco, we sell the best systems on the market.

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Alco ASK

Precise cooling and freezing

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Facts about Alco ASK

Cooling and freezing of food is a complicated process, which requires knowledge about the product and the subsequent process, e.g. heating.

At Nemco, we always offer the optimum solutions within coolers and spiral freezers in relation to product capacity and the process.

Innovative belt construction
Our belt construction, evaporators, ventilation and fans provide an efficient cooling process with minimal energy loss.


  • Adjustable freezing parameters

  • Uniform freezing and thereby minimum weight loss

  • Perfect design of evaporator and fan

  • Possibility of double spiral in the same construction

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Do you need more than one freezer? At Nemco, you can get a complete line solution!

In the picture: complete line solution from Alco.

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