Dough portioners

At Nemco, we offer the market's absolute best dough portioners which ensure the optimal process with a focus on precision, good structure and capacity. The dough is treated gently, and the machines are suitable for all kinds of dough - soft dough, stiff dough (for pizza, for example), wheat dough, rye dough and everything in between.

We present two solutions from Vemag Maschinenbau below. You are more than welcome to contact us for further information.

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Vemag Robot 500 + Vemag ASV 811

Dough portioner that takes up little space

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Facts about Vemag Robot 500 + Vemag ASV 811

Robot 500 Vemag + ASV 811 is a reliable dough portioner that, in addition to its high capacity and precision in portioning, takes up far less space than other solutions. This makes it ideal for productions where space is a factor, like smaller bakeries.


  • Intuitive 12-inch touch screen display

  • Can cut op to 140 portions per minute

  • Vemag's double screw technology as a self-cleaning pump ensure a precise portioning

  • Can handle portions from 5 g up to 30.000 g

Vemag VDD 807

Powerful dough portioner

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Item 1 of 3

Facts about VDD 807

This dough portioner portions and cuts the dough using the powerful rotary cutter. Here is the market's ultimate solution for dough portioning of white bread.

Optimum hole setting
The Vemag VDD 807 ensures optimum hole setting in the dough, and at the same time you can, in some cases, remove the traditional dough moulder.


  • Integrated portioning, cutting and conveyor belt

  • Oil-free division of dough with high flour content

  • Up to 320 portions per minute

  • Can make portion sizes from 100 g to 2.000 g

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Do you need more than one dough portioner? We offer a complete line!

In the picture: VDD 807 dough portioner from Vemag Maschinenbau.

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