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Nemco sells the market's strongest range of breading machines. All machines are designed to work with the wet part and use both coated crumbs and Japanese-style breadcrumbs (panko). If you need to produce nuggets, fish fillets, schnitzel, gordon bleu, fish sticks or something completely different, a breading machine will give you the best conditions to achieve the day's goals every day.

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Alco Preduster ABM

Preduster for effective adhesion of coating

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Facts about Alco Preduster ABM

Our preduster ensures a perfect adhesion between product and subsequent coating. This crucial process ensures that flour with added flavours and spices will provide a perfect product to the consumer.


  • Suitable for fish, squid, nuggets

  • Continuously adjustable speed

  • Suitable for coating with very finely-ground flour

  • Dosing is done via an adjustable vibrator and a press system, so adhesion to the product is guaranteed

Alco APT

World-class breading machine

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Facts about Alco APT

This machine ensures that fish and meat are evenly coated with breading from above using a distribution system. The product is carefully passed through the system and is sparingly covered by the breading, which results in a perfect product!


  • Adjustable production speed

  • Conveyor belt that ensures minimal generation of dust

  • Can be operated through an intuitive touch screen

  • Designed for easy cleaning

Alco ADT Dipper

Dipper for viscous batter, tempura and marinades

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Item 1 of 4

Facts about Alco ADT Dipper

The product is guided between top and bottom belts through the marinade, and alternatively tempura. Using a laser, the excess part of the marinade is removed, thus ensuring a delicious product.


  • Suitable for very viscous marinades

  • Simple in operation and can be operated by anyone

  • Variable speed with the possibility of very high capacities

Bettcher ACS

Breading and marinating machine for small production

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Item 1 of 3

Facts about Bettcher ACS

For decades, Bettcher has supplied the market's best and most reliable breading machines, and here the next generation of Automatic Coating System (Bettcher ACS) is presented.
The machine is equipped with 2 chambers - one for liquid and one for dry. The simple construction makes the machine very versatile and is therefore suitable for large kitchens and smaller productions.


  • Suitable for large kitchens and smaller productions

  • Can be used for both marinating and breading of the product

  • Can be disassembled quickly

  • Equipped with 2 chambers for liquid and dry products, respectively

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Do you need more than one breading machine? At Nemco, we offer complete line solutions!

In the picture: complete line solution from Alco.

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