Singer & Sohn GmbH

Nemco joins Nordic cooperation with German Singer & Sohn GmbH.

Nemco joins Nordic cooperation with German Singer & Sohn

Nemco has just signed an agreement with Singer & Sohn GmbH for sales, marketing and service of the company's solutions in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Singer & Sohn is a German machine supplier with more than 40 years of experience in developing automation solutions for the loading of food products into packaging machines. The company offers solutions with advanced control technology as well as loading systems for packaging solutions such as thermoforming and flowpack.

"We are very excited about the new collaboration with Singer & Sohn. At Nemco we have high ambitions, and we always focus on development so that we can deliver the highest quality every time. With the cooperation with Singer & Sohn, we are, among other things, meeting the increased demand for automated solutions," says Lars Olsgaard, CEO of Nemco.

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