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Van Genechten Packaging

Skinpack from Nemco is the perfect solution for highlighting the product in the refrigerated display. We have a wide range of meat packaging for products such as meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, and ready meals, several of which are reusable or plastic-reduced.

VG Nicolaus is member of the Van Genechten Packaging Group which is Europe´s largest independent folding carton company with 10 sites in Europe. As a technology and innovation leader, many awards in various markets were won. With the FlatSkin we won 2018 the ECMA Award "Save the planet".

Van Genechten Packaging on working with Nemco:

"We look back on a great business development in combination with FlatSkin. As our distribution partner they have the knowledge and the contacts into the fish market, which we cannot have at all. We would particularly like to highlight the development of FlatSkin for deep frozen fish and exporting them worldwide."

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