Christian Vollstedt

Traditions, quality craftsmanship, and the latest technology.

Christian Vollstedt: A Union of tradition, quality craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology.

Since 1896, Slagter Vollstedt has been located in the butcher shop at Naffet in Haderslev. After several renovations and expansions, the company now consists of a modern production facility, packaging area, industrial kitchen, and a store. For over 50 years, there has been a close collaboration between Vollstedt and Nemco, based on respect for craftsmanship, a desire to preserve traditions – and at the same time stay updated with the latest technology.

The majority of the company's revenue comes from retail sales, but Christian Vollstedt is also significant in the Danish wholesale market, supplying products like the company's renowned quality brunch sausages to Hotel D'Angleterre in Copenhagen.

The sixth generation is entering the dynasty
Today, the company is run by the couple Lone and Jacob Vollstedt. Jacob represents the fifth generation of the butcher dynasty, and with his son Philip as part of the business, the sixth generation is now also a reality.

The respect for traditions and craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation, and it has also been important for Jacob Vollstedt to future-proof the business for the next generation. Therefore, you will find the latest technology in the machinery in both production and packaging.

Traditional techniques enhanced with new technology
The collaboration between Christian Vollstedt and Nemco goes back many years, making it a natural choice for Jacob Vollstedt to have Nemco develop a layout for their sausage production.

Precision is crucial, and with the VEMAG HP30 and VEMAG LPG208, every product is precise, consistent, and of the highest quality. The result is a prime example of how traditional butcher techniques are improved with the latest technology and represents the market's strongest solution for sausage production.

With the current installation, Jacob Vollstedt has future-proofed his production. About the collaboration with Nemco, he says:

"Our collaboration is based on respect and honesty. It's important for me to work with people I trust 100%, and I know that we always get the best guidance from Nemco."

Jacob Vollstedt

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