Sales Trainee

Mikko Niittymäki

Starting as Sales Trainee at Nemco, Finland.

If you ask any Nordic person, they will tell you that there are in fact, cultural differences between the countries, although they are seemingly homogenous. For Mikko, it was the obsessive smiling, engaged questions about one's day and outgoing nature that he noticed when being introduced to the Danish and Swedish departments in Nemco. It can take some getting used to being a Fin, he points out.

One thing, however, that is common for any culture is the desire to grow professionally.

"I was looking for a company where I could feel accomplished, and grow with the job. Whenever I talked to my friends about it, they kept mentioning that I would be a great salesperson. It stuck with me, ruminating in the back of my mind, and when someone shared the job post, I thought I had to take the chance."

The little subtle differences in the cultures are a part of the reason Nemco is so focused on having localized teams while being a Nordic region. The Finnish department is the newest branch at Nemco, but the lines between the groups are blurred according to Mikko.

"When I visited Denmark to meet everyone at Headquarters, it felt like one big family that had each other's back. In the day-to-day work, the departments might be placed in different countries, but it feels like we're part of the same unit. It's a good feeling."

Nemco is always looking for young talents to bring into its world, but also to shape the company for the future to come. Mikko is determined to utilize his strengths and bring value in the best way he knows how.

"I'm a very detail-oriented person. I like templates, consistency, and order - getting rid of the excess and getting to the point. Clear, concise communication."

He will be a part of the Nordic sales team, and expand the department, as well as his career, as a trainee for the next 3 years. Although he just started as a trainee two weeks ago, he already has a clear idea of what it means to work in sales.

"Sales is about having a deep understanding of what you sell - and most importantly - it's about having a good relationship with the customer you're selling it to. Understanding exactly what they need, and what solutions have those exact features, is the key."

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