Sales Coordinator

Anna Westling

Anna is Sales Coordinator and has been with Nemco since 2017. Read here about the role of Sales Coordinator.

In my role as a Sales Coordinator, I'm the link between sales, customers, suppliers, and freight forwarders. Handling multiple tasks simultaneously on a daily basis, makes it important to have a proper overview in order to be able to maintain a high level of both internal and external customer satisfaction at the same time.

I appreciate the many and varied tasks I encounter in the job every day, the close collaboration with our international partners, and with my great colleagues from all parts of the Nordic region.

Nemco is a Nordic company with a large international network, so I benefit from speaking and writing both English and German. I work from both Sweden and Denmark, and I enjoy the Nordic atmosphere that Nemco radiate.

"I really appreciate having great colleagues, and the Nordic culture within Nemco."

Nemco is characterised by having a flat organisational structure and an informal work environment, which means that there isn't long between words and action. I value that we can help our customers through the whole process and that we have a very well-functioning aftersales organization.

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