We are Nemco

Progress since 1966

Nemco was founded in 1966 and is based in Brøndby, Denmark. Today, we're a Nordic company with more than 55 colleagues and 5 offices in four countries.

The company is founded


The company is founded and named Nothern European Machinery Company - Nemco. The company is initially owned by the Langen family in the Netherlands and Niels Yde. Nemco's first appearances are with the Scotsman ice machines and Langen equipment (primarily machines for making canned meat and canned ham). In addition to this, the self-propelled pea threshers and can filling machines by Mather and Platt from England.

Nemco + Vemag


Nemco gains the agency of VEMAG, which was of great importance for the company as a competitive supplier, as VEMAG's machines have since been of the highest quality in the industry. The picture shows a VEMAG portioning machine together with a clipping machine from Poly-clip.

Niels Yde takes over


Niels Yde takes over the Langen family's shares. In the picture, he is seen with a representative from one of Nemco's largest customers, Tulip. It was the close relationships with the customers, that he managed to establish and maintain, that resulted in loyalty. In the same year, Kurt Rühmann is hired as a sales engineer.

Erik Kastberg is employed


Erik Kastberg is employed - another mechanical engineer who, together with Kurt Rühmann, became very important for Nemco's development up through the 1970s. In this picture, he's presenting examples of Nemco's capabilities during a trade fair in 1973.

Nemco moves


Nemco moves to what is now the company's current address at Lyngager 13 in Brøndby, where Nemco Trading was established, after it took over the sale of Scotsman ice machines and Fountain hot drinks machines.

Nemco Packaging is established


Nemco sets up its subsidiary Nemco Packaging, which sells foil and shrink bags. This was also the year when Niels Yde moved to Switzerland and resigned from the management of Nemco. He remained in Nemco's Board of Directors until 1977 when he resigned and sold part of his shares to Erik Kastberg and Kurt Rühmann.

Niels Yde passes away


Niels Yde abruptly passes away. He and his wife Désiree had no children, and he donated his fortune to a foundation, Désiree and Niels Yde's Foundation, whose purpose was to support research in the disease that had taken the life of his wife. The fund exists to this day.

New department in Jutland


After having great success with selling machines, Nemco develops a department in Jutland - today known as Nemco Service Center - which includes showrooms, service, a warehouse and teaching facilities. Lars Olsgaard is employed as a sales engineer in the same year.

Lars Olsgaard is made partner


In this year, Lars Olsgaard becomes part of management, thus marking the third generation in Nemco's history. Margit Fischer, who is seen in the picture, and was with Nemco for 40 years, recalls the family-like atmosphere and the united spirit that the management of Nemco was good at creating.

Kurt Rühmann retires


Kurt Rühmann was hired by Niels Yde in 1970 and quickly gained a prominent position. He had been a leader of Slagteriernes Fællesindkøb (the Abattoirs Joined Procurement) with a team of 10 people, and he understood how to utilize his network in the food industry. In 1998, he retires.

Nemco AB is founded


Nemco founds the Swedish subsidiary Nemco AB to support the company's position in the Nordic market. The man for the job was Peo Blomqvist, who worked his way through the entire Swedish food industry from the base in Helsingborg, and today, 22 years later, has expanded the department with 10 employees.

Nemco Machinery Oy is founded


In the year of 2011, the Finnish subsidiary Nemco Machinery Oy is established. The company handles sales and service in Finland. It is led by Pertti Laurila, who after 11 years has expanded with technicians and office workers.

Nemco's 50th anniversary


Nemco celebrates its 50th anniversary. Nemco's success is due to many things, but a big part of it is due to the professionalism of its employees, and the care of the customer relationships, which both is something Nemco's management is eternally grateful for. In the picture you see Nemco's board of directors in the anniversary year; in the front are Kurt Rühmann, Lars Olsgaard and Erik Kastberg. In the back are Erik Skotting, chairman Michael Keldsen and Lars Krejberg Petersen.