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Environment & Sustainability

Sustainable solutions live in the balance between social, economic and environmental welfare. Over the years, the increasing demands to reduce the environmental impact have meant that we at Nemco have had to ask ourselves - how do we take responsibility?

Nemco's strategy

Our role in the sustainable transition

To fully understand our role in the sustainable transition, we must be aware of our position in the value chain. Nemco is a retailer of machinery and packaging solutions for the food industry. In other words, we are responsible for advising our customers on the best solution - not only for the sake of the product, nor the consumer, but for the environment. Sometimes it is a complicated compromise - and other times it is where we influence the development in the right direction.


Shared business - shared values

A part of delivering sustainable solutions in the shape of machinery for the food industry, is about delivering quality. This concerns both the quality of the machines, which we know to be high due to our collaborations with the world's leading manufacturers, but it is also about the lifecycle of the machine. A machine with a long lifecycle is one that is maintained regularly by people with the right expertise. We make sure to remind our customers when it's time for an inspection of the machine.


Green is the new black

Food packaging does much good in the food sector - it ensures the shelf life of our food, thereby reducing food waste. It makes it possible to transport, distribute and handle the product all the way to the consumer. However, there is a significant consumption of resources due to packaging, and that is where we can be of service. We are constantly in dialogue with our suppliers, and over the years we have even been involved in developing new sustainable packaging solutions - both with reduced use of materials, but also with materials that can be recycled.

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