Tumblers with cooling and vacuum

Henneken in Germany is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of tumblers. Their products are manufactured with great professionalism, and their solutions are unique to the industry. Simple and innovative tumbling gives you an end result in a class of its own. The vacuum tumblers are developed to marinate and defrost food products. The machine can thus be set exactly to your needs, and meet the robustness or sensitivity of any product. The tumblers are flexible and make it possible to tumble products within, for example, red meat, white meat, poultry and vegetables.

Below we have described four solutions from Henneken. You are always welcome to contact us for further information.

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Henneken Type B

Vacuum tumbler

Item 1 of 5
Item 1 of 5

Facts about Henneken Type B

The simple construction of Type B ensures a gentle but also effective massage of the product. This type of tumbler is unique in its flexibility and can be used with and without cooling, but can also be used for thawing.


  • From 0.5 - 10 revolutions per minute

  • With finns that have built-in cooling, which is unique for Henneken

  • Possibility of direct connection and weighing of brine as well as additives

  • Up to 95% vacuum possible

Henneken Type R


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Item 1 of 7

Facts about Henneken Type R

The Henneken R tumbler is inclined at a 50 degree angle, so that we can guarantee a filling of 60% of the tumbler's volume. The tumbler also has a built-in tipping function, which makes emptying extremely fast and efficient.


  • From 0.5-10 revolutions per minute

  • Tumbling fins ensure uniform tumbling and massage

  • Fully automatic addition of brine and additives possible

  • 95% vacuum / hydraulic lifting and lowering of the tumbler

Henneken Type C


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Item 1 of 3

Facts about Henneken Type C

The Henneken tumbler in the C-series is a tumbler, which has been developed with an opening in both the front and rear. The tumbler is suitable for in-line production, where you run high volumes and relatively small products such as chicken breast or cuts that are reduced in size by e.g. chopping.


  • Adjustable revolutions from 1-10 rpm

  • Fins that ensure that the product is tumbled evenly

  • Prepared for fully automatic dosing of brine and dry materials

  • Emptying via vacuum

Henneken Type CVM


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Item 1 of 6

Facts about Henneken Type CVM

Our small vacuum tumbler CVM is a versatile tumbler for craft firms, but also for industry with small productions. The tumbler is designed differently from our other tumbler program, as the container here is static while the wings rotate. The CVM tumbler is available in 150, 250 or 350 liter volumes. As an alternative to the CVM tumbler, you can also choose the MVT tumbler, which is a compact series in the program.


  • Variable revolutions

  • Single or double arm in tumbler

  • Cooling in the tumbler chamber possible

  • Emptying in 200 liter Vemag trolley

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In the picture: complete line solution from Henneken.

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