Nemco has a wide range of trimming machines. An important part of choosing a trimmer is through advice from Nemco's specialists. We supply Bettcher trimmers for beef and pork applications, the fishing industry, and poultry slaughterhouses.

We present three solutions from Bettcher below. You are always welcome to contact us for further information.

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Bettcher Quantum Flex


Item 1 of 6
Item 1 of 6

Bettcher is the inventor and developer of the acclaimed Whizard knife - a trimmer handle that has revolutionised pork slaughterhouses. The new series of Quantum Flex trimmer from Bettcher is already the favorite knife among leading industrial slaughterhouses worldwide.


  • Easy to use

  • Robust machine that lasts longer

  • All spare parts are made of quality materials that ensure long durability on even the most exposed wear parts

Bettcher AirShirz®-serie

Pneumatic scissors

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Item 1 of 6

Bettcher's pneumatic scissor solution, which eliminates the strain on the muscles that are caused by using a manual pair of scissors. The scissors give the user an experience of strength and reduced fatigue through the day's work. It is ideal for cutting in even difficult materials such as leather, plastic, fiberglass etc.


  • Reduces overuse injury of wrists, elbows and shoulders

  • Optimal for cutting in thick materials

  • Ensures an increased capacity for the individual user

  • Hygienic design

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