Slicers / slicing are in demand among producers of meat, poultry and fish, due to the opportunity to sell their product optically delicious and in the right portion sizes. Nemco sells a wide range of solutions for slicing both vegan products, meat products and cooked smoked products, e.g. sliced ​​sausages.

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Grasselli NSL - KSL

Range of slicers from Grasselli

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Item 1 of 8

Facts about Grasselli NSL og KSL slicers

Grasselli manufactures high quality slicers for horizontal, vertical and portioned products within meat, fish and vegetarian. Grasselli's great strength lies in the fact that you can build the slices into automatic solutions. Grasselli can also cut very thin slices and cubes of fresh meat products (down to 2 mm slice thickness).


  • Universal solutions

  • Perfect slicing of fresh products

  • Very high quality in an industrial design

  • Hygienic design

Holac Sect 230 - 230 TC - 28 CT


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Item 1 of 3

Facts about the Holac Sect-series

Holac slicers and knife cutting equipment are unique, as you can cut very frozen products with bones (bone-in). Holac is very simple in its design and can slice and portion everything from beef to pork and fish.


  • Hygienic design

  • Very robust design for the heavy industry

  • Fully-automatic with intuitive HMI

Schiwa SCV


Item 1 of 2
Item 1 of 2

Facts about Schiwa SCV

Schiwa manufactures universal slicing- and portioning solutions for heat-treated products, everything from bacon, smoked saddle of pork, ham and sausage products, but on the world market Schiwa is especially known for its unique solutions in the dairy industry for slicing cheese. Schiwa machines are in the absolute top class for the big industry.


  • Extremely flexible design

  • Ensures unique slicing solutions that present the product optimally in the packaging

  • Schiwa can slice natural products with a minimal give-away

  • Thin slices: due to the very robust construction, the machine can slice thin uniform products, at challenging temperatures

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Do you need more than one slicer? At Nemco, we offer complete line solutions!

In the picture: complete line solution from Grasselli.

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