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With a MiVEG skewer machine, you get skewers that look like they are handmade. MiVEG's patented method ensures a minimum risk of the skewers breaking during the process. With a MiVEG skewer machine, you also have a machine that requires a minimum of service.

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MiVEG KW2001

Skewer machine

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Facts about MiVEG KW-2001

KW-2001 delivers up to 4080 handmade skewers per hour. MiVEG's new method ensures that the skewers do not break during the process.

4-8 persons place the product into the mold of the KW-2001 so that the product for the individual 'skewer' is neatly placed. The MiVEG machine is designed to accommodate 4-8 people working independently of each other.


  • Made for 4-8 persons working at the same time

  • The finished product looks natural and homemade

  • Up to approx. 4000 skewers per hour

  • Can be combined with VEMAG

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