Shrink tanks

Supervac's shrink tanks, drying tunnels, and cooling system in connection with production with shrink bags, are unique and ensure all types of vacuum packing in shrink bags, longest shelf life, and presentation. Everything from shrink packing of small charcuterie products to shrink packing of beef cuts - the technology is available at Nemco and Supervac.

We present four solutions from Supervac below. You are most welcome to contact us for further information.

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Supervac AT 8/15

Hot water shrink tank

Item 1 of 4
Item 1 of 4

Facts about AT 8/15

Supervac AT8 shrink tank is supplied electrically- or steam heated, but also in combination. Insulated with 80 mm rockwool. Prepared for interconnection with Supervac vacuum packers GK 195, GK 501, GK 602, GK 800 series.


  • Max width: 660/850 mm

  • Max height: 280/300 mm

  • Tank volume: 240 litre/460 litre

  • Capacity: Up to 7 dips per minute

Supervac AS 660

Shrink tank with hot water shower

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Item 1 of 3

Facts about AS 660

Supervac's shrink tank with shower is for sensitive products as well as solutions where you run a high capacity, with either electric heating or steam heating. The tank is distinguished by having a curtain of water through which the products run, as well as nozzles which spray hot water on the products from below.


  • Max width: 650 mm

  • Max product height: 300 mm

  • Tank volume: 205 litre

  • Belt speed: 0.1-0.4 metre per second

Supervac AC 8/15

Cooling tank

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Item 1 of 2

Facts about AC 8/15

Supervac's cooling tank is set up after Supervac's shrink tank to ensure optimal bacteriology, especially in shrink bags with beef (see brochure on its ability to counteract 'clostridioides' - Irish meat board).


  • Max width: 660/850 mm

  • Max height: 280/300 mm

  • Tank volume: 240/450 litre

  • Up to 7 dips per minute at +2 to +5 degrees Centigrade

Supervac BL 15

Drying tunnel

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Item 1 of 3

Facts about BL 15

The purpose of the Supervac drying tunnel is to blow the excess water off the shrink packs. The machine is equipped with air nozzles, which form an air curtain through which the package must pass and thereby become dry in the surface.


  • Blower volume: 1400 m3/h

  • Width: 850 mm

  • Max product height: 300 mm

  • Belt speed: 0.04-0.12 metre/second

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Do you need more than one shrink tank? At Nemco you can get a complete line solution!

In the picture: complete line solution from Supervac.

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