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Nemco is the exclusive distributor of vacuum packers from CV-TEK and Supervac. Whether you need to vacuum pack food individually or per pallet, Nemco can supply and install a world-class industrial vacuum packer. Safe and stable vacuum packing provides high product safety, fewer complaints and increases earnings. An industrial vacuum packer from Nemco is important for any food manufacturer's daily results.

Below we have described two packing solutions. You are always welcome to contact us for more information.

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Supervac GK 195 B

Single-chamber machine

  • Supervac GK 195 vacuum packer and chamber machine for industry
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  • Supervac GK 195 vacuum packer and chamber machine for industry
  • Supervac GK 195 vacuum packer and chamber machine for industry
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Facts about Supervac GK 195 B

Supervac's compact yet industrial vacuum machine is made for very universal applications. With the ability to vacuum pack products up to a length of 1000 mm and a height of 230 mm, the machine has the strength to perform all tasks. The machine is also equipped with a conveyor belt that, when finished vacuuming, it is automatically emptied out on a table, or into a Supervac shrink tank. We recommend the Supervac shrink tank model AT8 in combination with this machine.


  • Sealing bar length 1000 mm in front and 515 mm in side

  • Max product height 230 mm

  • Adjustable sealing bar height 0-70 mm

  • Prepared for coupling with Supervac's shrink tank model AT8

Supervac GK 195 vacuum packer and chamber machine for industry
Supervac GK 850/860 B-series

Belt machine

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Facts about Supervac GK 850/860 B-series

Supervac's 800 series is a flexible and good solution for vacuum packing all kinds of food. The machines are made of extremely high quality, which ensures the lowest vacuum and thus the best durability. Supervac has their unique expansion cushion in the lid of the machines, which expands during vacuuming and thereby reduces vacuum times by approx. 30%, reduces energy consumption and increases capacity.


  • Sealing bar length 2x1300 mm

  • Max product length 830 mm

  • Max product height 200 or 300 mm

  • Prepared for coupling with Supervac shrink tank model AT15

Supervac GK 800 B soft-series

Soft-vacuum machines

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Facts about Supervac GK 800 B soft-series

Special machine for packing vacuum-sensitive products such as cheese products, where a perfection of hole forming and maturation of the cheese in the bag must be taken into account. The machine has been developed by Supervac in collaboration with Nemco, among others to pack block cheese in dimensions 110 mm x 380 mm x 750 mm - and the very sensitive kefalotyri cheeses.


  • Sealing bar length 1300 mm

  • Max product length 750 mm

  • Max product height 200 or 250 mm

  • Prepared for coupling with Supervac shrink tank model AT15


Vacuum and MAP packing machine for pouches and big bags

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Facts about CV-TEK MAP-Vac

This packing machine with modified atmosphere has a 1350 mm sealing bar. The machine has a unique pulsation system, which alternately sucks vacuum and blows in gas in several steps. This results in a very precise gasmix as well as pressure in the package and thereby the best possible durability. Together with its sealing bars, this machine has a bag stretching system ensuring that it always seals the pouches and big bags without folds in the seal.


  • Bag stretching system

  • Strong sealing bar which ensures tight seals

  • Pulsation vacuum and gas injection

  • Mobile

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In the picture: complete line solution from Supervac

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