Marinating machine

Thorough marinating of food, ensuring both taste and texture, is a task for which we have a solution. We sell machines that ensure a thorough, tasteful result.

We have described three solutions below. You are always welcome to contact us for more information.

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Alco APN

Marinating machine

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Facts about Alco APN

With this wet breading and marinating machine (also called 'batter machine') you can apply various liquid marinades to the foods to be processed, e.g. crispy schnitzel or juicy mozzarella sticks.


  • Can process everything from thin to very viscous marinades

  • Powerful pump system makes it possible to use marinades with very high viscosity

  • Complete coating of the product with tempura

  • Adjustable blowing system for removing excess marinades from the top and bottom of products with an integrated material return system

Leonhardt TG

Flexible dosing equipment

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Facts about Leonhardt TG

Leonhardt TG is the perfect choice for a wide range of products: fragile delicacies, dressings, soups, sauces, pickled cabbage, spinach, honey, jams and spreads, meal components with larger pieces such as stews, mashed potatoes, goulash, etc.

Ideal in commercial kitchens and industrial production
The compact and mobile equipment can be used for a wide variety of applications in commercial kitchens and industrial food production.


  • Easy to handle

  • Quick to clean

  • Can deliver 20 to 240 dosages per minute depending on the product

Henneken Type B

Vacuum tumbler

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Facts about Henneken Type B

The simple construction of Type B ensures a gentle but also effective massage of the product. This type of tumbler is unique in its flexibility and can be used with and without cooling, but can also be used for thawing.


  • From 0.5 - 10 revolutions per minute

  • With finns that have built-in cooling, which is unique for Henneken

  • Possibility of direct connection and weighing of brine as well as additives

  • Up to 95% vacuum possible

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Do you need more than one marinating machine? At Nemco you can get a complete line solution!

In the picture: complete line solution from Henneken.

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