We supply and install labellers for applying labels to almost all packaging solutions including options for print. We supply manual and fully automatic in-line labellers.

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ELS 330

Automatic labeller for the modular line solution

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Facts about ELS 330

With its automatic labelling, ELS 330 is designed for attaching labels on products and packaging of various shapes and materials.


  • Can be used for a wide range of packaging solutions

  • Can apply both transparent and paper-based labels

  • Can be combined with most printing solutions

ELS 200

Labelling station

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Facts about ELS 200

This labelling station offers many different options when it comes to production requirements regarding labelling. It is simple to integrate into the logistics around larger production lines, while at the same time being easy to learn how to operate.


  • Easy to operate

  • Simple integration into existing line solutions

ELS 195 TC

Thermal transfer coding module

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Facts about ELS 195 TC

This thermal transfer coding module guarantees a high-quality print and can be used for various tasks such as printing bar codes, graphics, expiration dates etc. The system works by being attached to the labelling station, such as the ELS 200.


  • Prints in high resolution of 300 dpi

  • Handles font sizes from 1 mm to 128 mm, both vector and bitmap

  • Supports all Western and Eastern European special characters

Ravenwood NOBAC 5000

Linerless applicator

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Item 1 of 3

Facts about Nobac 5000

The new Nobac 5000 linerless applicator is Ravenwood's latest innovation. Ravenwood's 20+ years of experience is collected in this machine.


  • Can process a wide range of linerless materials

  • Capacity of up to 120 packages per minute

  • Flexible in its construction

  • Robust in its design

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Do you need more than one labeller? We offer a complete line!

In the picture: ELS 330 automatic labeller from ELS.

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