Frying and heat treatment

In our range, Nemco has a wide range of solutions for frying and heat treatment. Everything from frying with frying oil, Teflon-belt-fryer and hot air frying in spiral ovens.

Below we have described examples of solutions. You are most welcome to contact us for further information.

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Alco AGF

Top quality hot-oil fryer

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Facts about Alco AGF

Flexible oil frying solutions where a wide range of foods can be fried or browned. The fryer has the option of fitting various filter solutions, which reduce black particles in the oil that could damage the product. In addition, the fryers can be expanded with Teflon belt solutions, oil tanks for storing the oil, and insulated cover which reduces the radiant heat in the production room. Vegetarian food is heated in hot oil just as well as meat. Röstis, falafel or meatballs reaches their individually set core temperature.


  • Heated either electrically or with thermal oil

  • Variable frying time

  • Various belt solutions for optimal transport of the product

  • Various filter systems for cleaning the oil

Alco HotCook

All-round HotCook

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Facts about Alco HotCook

HotCook solution is for blanching, cooking and mixing a wide range of foods. HotCook from Nemco ensures a uniform, thoroughly heated product and can produce slow-cooked dishes as well as sauces of very high quality, for example tomato sauce or the like.


  • Unique frying and mixing function

  • Suitable for ready meals and sauces

  • Blanching of vegetables

Alco Dual Cooker

Fryer with double function

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Item 1 of 5

Facts about Dual Cooker

Teflon fryer and hot air fryer built into one and the same machine. This is the solution for producing foods with an optimal retention of taste and appearance.


  • Production of burgers, pancakes, chicken schnitzels and hot-treated vegetables

  • Possibility of ajusting frying time, frying temperature and relative humidity

  • Intuitive operator panel

Alco Spiral Oven

Spiral oven

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Item 1 of 7

Facts about Alco Spiral Oven

The spiral oven ensures frying and boiling of the product using steam and hot air. It is also possible to heat-treat the products with smoke flavor before running through the oven.


  • Suitable for long-term frying of meat, chicken, fish and ready meals

  • Possibility of heating using electricity and thermal oil

  • The supply of steam ensures a uniform dew point in the oven

  • Automatic cleaning system via CIP (Clean In Place)

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