Nemco offers vertical and horizontal flowpackers/flow wrapping from PFM. Flowpackers are a unique and at the same time very environmentally friendly packaging solution.

PFM manufactures flowpackers for all types of bag solutions, and we can combine our solutions with different types of portioning equipment.

We have described four PFM solutions below. You are most welcome to contact us for further information.

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PFM PV320 eller Zenith

Vertical flowpacker

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Item 1 of 3

Facts about PFM vertical flowpackers

PFM vertical flowpackers/flow wrapping for packing with all kinds of bag types. Everything from pillow-pack to D-pack. PFM's wide range of vertical flow wrapping machines makes it possible to solve all packaging tasks.


  • Wide packaging selection is optional

  • Zip is optional

  • 'Stello'-bag is optional

  • Capable of running in combination with PFM's 'multihead weighers'

PFM Scirocco

Horizontal flowpacker

Item 1 of 2
Item 1 of 2

Facts about PFM Scirocco

PFM's Scirocco is a horizontal packaging machine. The machine is designed for MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) and designed in such a way, that makes all parts easy to clean.

PFM's broad program within horizontal flowpackers/flow wrappers and special design ensure that almost all flow packaging tasks can be realized via Nemco.


  • Servo-Assisted system and Siemens control

  • Hygienic design

  • The transversal sealing system makes sealing even the thinnest films possible

  • PFM machines assure compatibility with sustainable packaging solutions

PFM D-Series

Flowpacker for stand-up pouches

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Item 1 of 5

Facts about PFM D-Series

The PFM D-Series manufactures stand-up pouches from a flat foil. PFM's patent on rapid conversion from one size of pouch to the other secures both high levels of productivity and fast format change.

Unique presentation of the product
The machine has a compact design and gives the product an absolute unique presentation in the packaging.


  • Reduction in packaging usage due to great design

  • Re-close via zip

  • Minimal weight of packaging in relation to the product

  • Great platform of communication with the end-user


Multihead with vertical flowpack

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Item 1 of 6

Facts about PFM MBP RQ700 TWIN

PFM and MBP have the market's leading complete solutions in a combined design for 'multihead weigher'. The solutions can pack everything from green salads to pasta, rice, sauces, chocolate etc.


  • The MBP R-series increases the productivity to the maximum level

  • Simpel in its function via the intuitive display

  • Minimal need of space

  • 'Remote'-assistance optional

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We offer everything with flowpack

Do you need more than one flowpacker? We offer a complete line!

In the picture: packaging line from PFM consisting of a flowpacker/flow wrapper from the D-series in combination with a multihead weigher.

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