Derinders and skinners

Nemco is a supplier of Grasselli's top professional program of derinders and skinners.

With Grasselli's machines for derinding and skinning, you are guaranteed a uniform yield throughout the long life cycle of the machine, all based on the best quality.

We present two Grasselli solutions below. You are most welcome to contact us for further information.

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Grasselli MS 520 PM


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Item 1 of 7

Facts about Grasselli MS 520

The new Grasselli MS 520 guarantees an extremely high yield and presents the product as very high quality.

High safety
With this user-friendly Grasselli MS 520, the safety is excellent for the operator. Moreover, the machine is easy to clean.

Grasselli has established the foundation of their derinders on the most exquisite Italian meat cuts, which assures that the product presents itself nicely to the consumer.


  • High safety for the operator by usage of the CLO-system

  • Has a simple work table that makes it quick to handle the products and provide optimal derindering of the end product.

  • No parts need to be disassembled for cleaning

  • The mechanical parts can be accessed. The machine is easy to maintain and can be serviced from both sides

Grasselli NAB520

Efficient derinder and skinner

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Item 1 of 4

Facts about Grasselli NAB520

This machine is extremely user-friendly and very easy to clean. The machine ensures a uniform derinding regardless of the complexity of the cut.

Robust and high quality
Grasselli NAB520 is robust and of high quality with great flexibility and with the option to attach different types of pressure rollers, to match each application.


  • Fully automatic machine ideal for in-line solutions

  • High capacity

  • High quality and extremely robust in its design, which ensures uniform high yields

  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning

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Do you need more than one machine? We offer complete lines!

In the picture: complete line solution from Grasselli.

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